A Message from Dr. Keita Franklin, Director

Every suicide is a tragic loss to our nation and those impacted. The family and friends left behind who must deal with the aftermath of the event and put those events in perspective, may in some cases never know why the Service member or Veteran took their life. Suicide is the culmination of complex interactions between biological, social, economic, cultural and psychological factors operating at the individual, community and societal levels. We are committed to fostering collaboration and cooperation to develop suicide prevention efforts among all stakeholders including the Military Services; Federal agencies; public, private, international entities, and institutions of higher education.


The Department of Defense 2017 Quarterly Suicide Report

The 2017 Department of Defense 4th quarter Quarterly Suicide Report (QSR) has been released. The quarterly suicide report summarizes suicide counts and annual rates for the Active Component, Reserves, and National Guard. The purpose of the QSR is to communicate DoD suicide data to stakeholders external to DoD on a routine and frequent basis. View the report here.


White House Signs Executive Order to Improve Mental Health Resources for Transitioning Veterans: President Donald J. Trump signed an executive order at the White House to improve support for military veterans. The order directs the Homeland Security, Defense and Veterans Affairs departments to create a joint action plan within 60 days that will improve mental health and suicide prevention support for veterans.

See video here.


Warrior Care Resources


Welcome to the Defense Suicide Prevention Office's Fulfillment Center. DSPO's fulfillment center provides suicide prevention outreach and educational products for Service members, their Families, and DoD Civilians. DSPO has a variety of products to choose from such as: mousepads, backpacks, gun locks, lanyards, and more to support your organization’s efforts to help spread the word about DSPO, and its suicide prevention efforts. Thank you for raising awareness of suicide prevention in our military community. All merchandise will be sent to your military facility/POC free of charge. Click here to access the Fulfillment Center.


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DSPO Mission

The Defense Suicide Prevention Office (DSPO) provides advocacy, program oversight, and policy for Department of Defense suicide prevention, intervention and postvention efforts to reduce suicidal behaviors in Service members, civilians and their families.

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