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Military and Veterans

  • Calling old friends, particularly military friends, to say goodbye.
  • Cleaning a weapon that they may have as a souvenir.
  • Visits to graveyards.
  • Obsessed with news coverage of the war, or the military channel.
  • Wearing the military uniform or part of the uniform, boots, etc., when such dress is not indicated.
  • Talking about how honorable it is to be a soldier.
  • Sleeping more (sometimes the decision to commit suicide brings a sense of peace of mind, and sleep is used as a means of withdrawing).
  • Becoming overprotective of children.
  • Standing guard of the house, perhaps while everyone is asleep; staying up to "watch over" the house; obsessively locking doors, windows.
  • Stopping and/or hording medication.
  • Hoarding alcohol (not necessarily hard alcohol, could be wine).
  • Spending spree, buying gifts for family members and friends "to remember by."
  • Defensive speech, for example: "You wouldn't understand."
  • Stop making eye contact or speaking with others.