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Family & Friends

  • Trust your instincts that the person may be in trouble.
  • Communication needs to include mostly listening.
  • Talk with the person about your concerns.

Ask direct questions without being judgmental, such as:

  • "Are you thinking about killing yourself?"
  • "Have you ever tried to end your life?"
  • "Do you think you might try to kill yourself today?"

Determine if the person has a specific plan to carry out the suicide. The more detailed the plan, the greater the risk:

  • "Die by suicide?"
  • "Have you thought about ways that you might kill yourself?"
  • "Do you have pills/weapons in the house?"
  • Do not leave the person alone.
  • Do not swear to secrecy.
  • Do not act shocked or judgmental.
  • Do not counsel the person yourself .
  • Get professional help, even if the person resists.