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2020 Suicide Prevention Month Planning Guide

The Defense Suicide Prevention Office created these materials so that you can develop your own 2020 Suicide Prevention Month Campaign. In the 2020 Suicide Prevention Month Planning Guide you will find materials and suggestions to assist you in executing your outreach initiatives during Suicide Prevention Month.

Who Should Use This Guide?
Suicide Prevention Program Managers can use these guidelines when designing or producing their Suicide Prevention Month campaign and activities.

How Should This Guide Be Used?
This guide provides recommendations on how to plan a successful Suicide Prevention Month campaign. Its goal is not to limit creativity, but to provide direction that reinforces the Connectedness theme and the Connect to Protect slogan. Utilizing this guide will allow for a cohesive campaign across the Department. This will help produce materials and events that the public recognizes as distinctly the Department of Defense’s Suicide Prevention Month campaign. We believe the result will be a more visible, more cohesive Suicide Prevention Month which will benefit us all.

Spread the Word
We encourage you to take steps in September and year-round to Connect to Protect with Service members and military families. We cannot do it alone. Please join us during September by participating in suicide prevention activities and programs. There are dozens of ways to spread suicide prevention messages during September and beyond.

Download our How to Guide for Suicide Prevention Month

Veteran/Military Crisis Line

The Defense Suicide Prevention Office does not provide crisis services. If you or someone you know is in crisis, contact the Veteran/Military Crisis Line for immediate assistance.

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